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On this episode, host Ashlee Eason @theeamateurexpert interviews Mecca co-founder of Rootuals Natural Hair Care to learn about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Hair Healed, From The Inside Out

Lucy Gellman | September 16th, 2019

Image by Lucy Gellman from Free Your Scalp Day, a celebration of “beauty, self-love and creativity” in CT.


...just a few feet from Free Your Scalp’s mascot—a cardboard cutout also named Free, with caramel-colored curls and easy expression—Rootuals Founder Mecca Davis stood over her daughter Ava, carefully working in the all-natural oils that make her product. Soft scents rose from the table even as she stepped away for a moment to talk.

Davis hasn’t always been conversant in the language of hair. For 13 years, she worked as a senior client services associate at Morgan Stanley, tending to matters that rarely broached one’s scalp and roots. But when Ava developed a pediatric skin condition as a little girl, Davis noticed that the treatment the doctor recommended dried out her scalp. When nothing seemed to work, she realized she’d have to make her own concoction.

The formula took six years to perfect and grow into a business. Now, Davis has a local client base of around 10, and national client base of around 50, with customers who place orders from as far away as Texas. She said she wouldn’t want to be doing anything else—because she’s helping other women and girls of color nurse their scalps back to health.

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