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For best results apply our All Natural Oil right after hair and scalp has been cleaned and conditioned. By doing so, you are allowing your follicles to absorb in the great benefits our oil has to offer-promoting growth, helping with thinning, balding, dry,  itchy scalp, and so much more!


The LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method or LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method is a great way to incorporate our oil into your hair. Use in conjunction with our Mango Butter Cream on wet hair and seal in the moisture with our All Natural Oil. 


Treat yourself to a scalp massage as often as possible using our All Natural Oil. This increases the blood flow to your follicles which allows for oxygen and nutrients to be released-promoting hair growth. Massage 2-3 times/week for dry scalp issues or as needed for a normal scalp. 


Our oil can be applied PRIOR to blow drying on  a LOW or COOL setting. 

DO NOT use PRIOR to any heating systems above 300° (silk press, flat iron, high blow dry). Can be used AFTER any high heat applications. 


Great to use while in braids, weaves, locs, or any type of long term styles. Massage oil into scalp 2-3 times/week or as needed. 


We have also found that men love to apply our All Natural Oil & Mango Butter Cream to their beards for shine, moisture, and softness


A little goes a long way! The great ingredients allow for very little to be applied. Depending on your hair need, our 2oz bottle should last about 3-4 weeks. Our 4oz should last about 5-6 weeks.  Timeframes are based on a one person use. 

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